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If you tried to unlock your phone in My Account, but received an error, follow these steps to unlock your phone using the myCricket app: Open your myCricket app. Sign out of the app if you’re signed in. Tap Unlock Device on the app’s sign-in screen. Tap Unlock at the bottom of the screen. Once your phone is successfully unlocked, restart it to complete the process.

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Unlocking Your Cricket iPhone/iOS Device. If you are unlocking an iPhone/iOS device, there are two ways to go about unlocking your device—the quickest way to complete the unlock process is as follows: Remove your current Cricket SIM card from your iPhone. Insert your new, non-Cricket SIM card into your iPhone.

Cricket USA (Device Unlock App)

1. Insert a non-Cricket SIM Card into your device and power on. 2. Make sure you have an active data connection either via mobile network or WiFi. 3. The device should automatically show a screen asking if you want to unlock your device. Select Unlock and wait while the device completes the unlock. That's it!

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Log onto your Cricket Wireless online account and go to your Account Settings. When you’re in your Account Settings, click “Get Code,” and follow the instructions to unlock your phone. Download the myCricket app, and click “Unlock Device” on the main sign-in screen. Then click “Unlock” at the bottom of the page.

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Note: Some Android phones can be unlocked using the “myCricket” application. The following steps would be useful for unlocking through the “myCricket” app: Open the “myCricket” app. Tap on “Unlock Device” and then tap “Unlock” on your screen. As your phone is unlocked, restart it to complete the unlocking process.

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Below are the steps you can follow to check: Switch off the handset first. Take out Cricket Wireless SIM card and put it somewhere else, (don’t lose it because it’s needed for the SIM Unlock). Insert another carrier’s SIM inside the device. Switch on the phone. If it is a SIM Unlocked handset, it ...

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Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to view Account Settings. Select the phone number associated with the voicemail passcode you'd like to change. Then tap Reset Voicemail Passcode to receive a text with your temporary voicemail passcode. Use this to access your voicemail and reset your passcode.

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These Unlock Codes are unique to your phone’s IMEI number and no two unlocks are the same. Once ...