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Since the end of the 17th century, the process of pitching stumps into the ground to set up a game of cricket has been called “pitching the stumps”. By the late 1800s, people started using “pitch” as a noun to describe a playing area. By 1900, pitch was used specifically for a football (or soccer) playing area. Pitch = playing area. In England, the term “field” usually refers to an open space, as in a pasture or grassy area, not a playing area.

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The soccer field has the following markings: 2 Penalty Areas; 2 Goal Areas; A Penalty Spot; 4 Corner Arcs; A Halfway Line; A Center Circle; A Center Spot; The football field is distinguished by the following markings: 2 End Zones; 10-Yard Intervals; 5-Yard Lines; 1-Yard Hash Marks; 1-Yard-Long Scrimmage Line; Numerals in Multiples of 10

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Because a football field is restricted to being only 160 feet/ 53 1 ⁄ 3 yards (48.8 m) wide, whereas a soccer field can be up to 100 yards (90m) wide, a soccer field has a much greater surface area than a football field and is, therefore, bigger.

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soccer field. "Football pitch" is a noun which is often translated as "el campo de fútbol", and "soccer field" is a noun which is also often translated as "el campo de fútbol". Learn more about the difference between "football pitch" and "soccer field" below.

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A pitch is a sports field. You may only use the term 'pitch' to refer to a field that is used for sports, or a part of a field that is used for sports. Examples: "The field around the corner is used as a football pitch at the weekend" "They had two rugby pitches marked out in the field." "I was walking my dog in the field when he ran onto the pitch!"

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For penalty kicks, the penalty mark is centered at 36’ | 11 m from the goal. A circular penalty arc extends at a radius of 30’ | 9.15 m from the penalty mark. Corner radii are set at 3’ | .9 m. Football fields, or football pitches, are the rectangular playing surfaces used for the sport of football ( soccer). While grass is the typical playing surface, football can also be played on artificial turf or informally on dirt surfaces.

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The official FIFA rules call for a field between 100 and 130 yards long and 50 and100 yards wide for league play. These parameters are different, however, during international play: FIFA rules call for a field between 110 and 120 yards long and 70 and 80 yards wide.

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There is no huge difference between football field and soccer field. In American football, field is 110m long and 48.76m wide whereas side lines, end lines and goal lines are marked at the distance of 9.1m. In the center point there are goalposts. The goal is being scored in this particular area when it crosses the line.