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Tennis Court Construction & Repair Services In Your Area. While some tennis court owners try to save money by taking on repairs as DIY, that can result in fixes that don't last long or even make problems worse in the long run. Finding a tennis court contractor near you can be a more cost-effective and less frustrating option for tasks like ...

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This may range from 10 percent to 15 percent, depending on the company and the services they provide. This means a $30,000 home remodel project would have a construction project management fee of $3,000-$4,500.

Tennis Court Cleaning | American Safe Wash

American Safe Wash is Connecticut’s premier maintenance cleaning service for acrylic tennis courts. Tennis court cleaning services are usually performed to remove the unsightly mold and mildew from the courts and to reduce the potential slip hazard. This cleaning was traditionally performed using pressure washers.

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Cleaning is only a fraction of the resurfacing cost; so proper, annual cleaning and routine maintenance will help extend the life of your court, and ultimately save your HOA money. Tennis courts should have leaves and debris blown off daily or weekly (especially during pollen season), and use court rollers to squeegee out any sitting water on ...

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For ease of mixing, here is an example of the tennis court cleaning solution: 10 gallons of bleach in a 55-gallon drum. 3 oz of detergent (Simple Green) Fill drum to the top with water and mix well. Spray or pour onto the tennis court surface and use a soft brush scrubber on desired areas. Rinse well with clean water.

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The regular cleaning of tennis court surfaces will lead to: Improved drainage. Slip reduction. Aesthetic improvement. Extended life of the surface. An important aid to the cleaning is the chemical treatment of the moss and algae which makes the cleaning process more effective and extends the period of time before cleaning is necessary.

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Tennis Court Cleaning in North New Jersey. A tennis court is made of strong, durable material such concrete or asphalt usually covered with a synthetic/acrylic layer . The foundations of these courts are made to last through long years, but that doesn't mean that your tennis court isn't going to get dirty and need periodic maintenance.

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Brutus rollers for tennis court mintenanc. Brutus rollers are used for maintaining tennis courts, golf greens, Bocce courts, driveways, sidewalks and other turfs. The Brutus roller weighs 550 lbs empty and 1100lbs with water. The Brutus does not need water for soft tennis court maintenance and is regarded as the ultimate in low cost power rolling.

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Tennis Court Maintenance. We are Tennis Court Maintenance! We carry out specialist cleaning and maintenance to tennis courts of various surface types to ensure a safe and high-quality sports surfaces all year round. If you like to receive more expert advice on tennis court maintenance our friendly and experienced team will help.