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Does It Matter Which Side? It depends. Some overgrips like the Tourna Grip can be used either side, but most overgrips are designed to be used on only one side (e.g. Wilson Pro and Yonex Overgrap). For grips that are designed to be used on only one side, the side with the plastic covering should be on the outside. Some overgrips also have a little adhesive tag at the end which indicates that side should be the inside.

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One side of the overgrip will have a thin plastic cover to protect the sticky surface. Remove this plastic and discard. Save the small piece of electrical tape that came with the overgrip. This tape will be used to "finish off" your overgrip at the end of the process. Note: Remember which side of the overgrip you removed the plastic from. The sticky side of the overgrip will be the side that makes contact with your racket handle.

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Then remove the layer of plastic that is covering the sticky side. Make sure you apply the sticky side down onto the racquet grip. The cushioned side should be facing outwards that your hand grips to. It’s easiest to hold the racquet upside down with the butt of the grip facing upwards.

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Unwrap your old overgrip by sliding it. Peel off the finishing tape and unwrap the overgrip. Finding the tapered side: Remove the plastic covering strip from the new tennis racket overgrip tape and reveal it. But if you’re new, then a question must come to your mind, and that is, which side of overgrip to use?

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A tennis overgrip is a simple wrap that you can apply to your racquet handle to increase ...

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Then, attach the small piece of tape on the tapered end of the overgrip in a place where the “bump” won’t be noticeable: when the original grip is installed, there will almost always be a spot where the grip has this “bump” at the butt; start the overgrip on the other side.

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Most overgrips now come with an adhesive strip at the tip. Remove the backing of the adhesive on the tapered side. You will not find this tapered end or adhesive on a Tourna Grip. You will want to start the grip at the bottom of the handle and place it on a short bevel, angled upward.

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For first-timers, it is best to ask someone from the store to install it on your tennis racket, since Wilson’s “Ultra Wrap” overgrip is on the tight side. You’d likely need to practice regripping several times to fit the whole length properly.