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High elbow on serve | Talk Tennis

While a very high elbow position can be detrimental to the shoulder, I'm not certain about a low elbow position with regards to shoulder health. It could be that trying to generate more RHS or more power from a low position might put additional stress on the rotators or other parts of the shoulder.

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The movement of your elbow plays a crucial role in developing serve power.In this video OTI Instructor Nadim Naser explains in detail how your elbow should m...

TENNIS SERVE | "Elbow The Enemy" Tennis Serve Drill

Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your serve potential. Most players make at...

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————————————Are you ready to maximize your serve power?Click here to access our FREE serve power video series: https://go ...

"Golfer's Elbow" in Tennis Players - HSS Playbook Blog

Tennis players with medial epicondylitis will complain of pain along the medial aspect of their elbow (the side of your elbow closest to your body when your palm is facing up). Pain can sometimes radiate down the forearm. Typically forehands, serves and overheads are the most painful strokes.

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How To Fix The Trophy Position On The Serve - Tennis Evolution

Make sure to continue to focus on a nice high elbow position. Afterwards, move on to full serves. Be extra careful to prioritize your elbow position over making the serve until you really master the position. Finally, let’s talk a little bit about how to fix the trophy position on the serve using self assessment. Self-Assessing Your Trophy Position

Quiz #1 Answer, Elbow Up On Your Tennis Serve - YouTube

In this video we discuss the number one fix for the waiter's serve, in my opinion. The racket drop seems to be one of the most difficult pieces of the serve ...

How To Hit Up On The Serve | Feel Tennis

Most recreational players serve with a “high elbow” or a very low racquet head drop, which simply tells me that they are thinking like I explained above. They use common sense, and they simply want to hit the ball down, so they are trying to get the racquet above and behind the ball and then use force to send it downwards.