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Hey everyone!In this video I demonstrate simply passing to yourself; this is especially helpful for beginner volleyballers! The way I show in my video solely...

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This volleyball setting and overhead passing warm-up focuses on setting and passing with the overhead pass. This is a great setting drill that focuses on movement after the pass and looking for open areas of the court. Volleyball Passing Drills. These volleyball passing drills are used to train fore arm passing, and developing total passing ball control.

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The idea is to develop consistency in basic passing skills and to make sure passer is correctly using legs not arms and wrist when they pass. To develop correct fundamentals, this drill requires one player to simply catch the ball and throw it back. Body Position: Wait with arms at a 90-degree angle from your upper body. Bend at the waist so that your shoulders are forward and hips are back (but maintain 90-degree angle between arms and upper body).

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In volleyball, passing entails receiving the other team’s serve and bumping the ball to your setter. The more you exercise passing, the closer your game will resemble that of a superstar such as Logan Tom, Desiree Hooker or Misty May-Treanor.

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The player with the ball in hand tosses it over the net to the passer. The passer gives a good pass to the setter. The tossing player tosses the second ball as soon as the first pass is contacted by the passer. The setter keeps passing the ball under the net to the player tossing to keep the balls in rapid succession.

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Also, doing the “Ladder Passing” drill contributes greatly to a volleyball player’s ball control skills. The drill begins and a passer makes a pass to a tosser 1 first and tosser 1 tosses a ball back to a passer. Then a passer makes a pass to a tosser 2 and a tosser 2 passes a ball back to him/her.

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Overhead Passing Volleyball Skills. When playing the ball with the hands overhand to pass a deep, hard, flat serve keep your hands firm and hold them closer together than you would when setting or passing an easy free ball. Feet should be spread with the hips, shoulders, and knees square facing your target.

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Volleyball Burpee Passing Drill. Train players to move with the ball in this progression of the low catch passing drill. After catching the ball in a low position, players tap it on the floor to the right, middle, and left of their bodies, then pop up to a standing position. 8. Deliver and Pop Serve Drill.

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